What we do

HBP offers support to organisations in contact with individuals and families either threatened by or experiencing homelessness. The legal definition of homelessness includes those experiencing domestic and other abuse, financial difficulties and care and support needs that make their accommodation unsuitable. 

HBP delivers regular training courses on homelessness law for lay people. Building on this understanding, HBP provides ongoing support to staff to put this understanding into practice through regular case management meetings and follow-up contact via telephone and email. Additional work can be agreed with organisations. 

We anticipate the key areas that this support will address will be: 

  • Council gatekeeping – where councils do not recognise approaches for statutory assistance according to the Housing Act 1996, and do not offer temporary accommodation as they should. 
  • Non-priority, not-homeless and intentional decisions – where councils have not sought and / or taken important information into account 
  • Public Sector Equality duties – where councils have not identified and / or responded to individual needs arising from their disability. 
  • Suitability of accommodation – where councils have placed people in accommodation that does not take their needs into account 
  • Data breaches – where councils have not respected individual rights under Data Protection Law 

Through this ongoing support, HBP will equip staff to understand key areas of law and identify the options available to them to challenge failures, whether individual or systemic. In most cases, this support will result in individual clients receiving suitable offers of settled accommodation. 

HBP will in most cases be able to get quick access to solicitors in order to pursue the court appeal process, particularly in regards to council refusals to place people in suitable temporary accommodation. 

HBP also offers support around raising systemic issues at a political level, whilst being sensitive to the relationship that organisations have with others within the sector. In certain situations this will mean that HBP take on clients to support them through council complaint / court processes. 

HBP also offers support around organisational data protection policies and can review and improve privacy notices, data security and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) to ensure that organisational practices are robust and fully comply with the Law.